Happy Birthday

To celebrate robling_t's birthday I am re-reading all her Torchwood fics.

If you haven't read them yet, you have a treat ahead. All her fics are great, but I am especially fond of her "Yours, Mine, and Ours" series. The summary is:

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from a buttload of trouble, in the wrong hands. What part of 'the Chameleon Arch is not a toy' didn't they understand...?"

So yeah, wish robbing_t a happy birthday and give YOURSELF a present by reading her fics.

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In honor of the end of DADT, I'm going to reread Kiera Marcos' fantastic Human Nature this afternoon, and I strongly recommend that you all do too. It's Stargate:Atlantis and, like all of her stories, amazing.

Cliche Avoidance

I was going to title this "She's baaaaaaacccckkkkk" but didn't.

Surgery worked great, I am back on my feet (though there is some residual pain--nothing like it was), my garden is growing nicely and I hope to start some renovations on my house soon. Finances are pretty tight, so I have to take that slowly.


I am going to take my granddaughter to see her daddy in the UK in July and my daughter-in-law knows I am a big Torchwood fan and so they've added a trip to Wales to the itenerary and I am so excited.

Passports are expensive.

So are 5k-mile plane tickets.

So the belt has to be so tight I can hardly breathe.


I am just about ready to start writing again. I'm afraid Fred (my muse) has suffered very badly due to heavy pain, heavy pain killers, surgery and physical therapy and a long list of other things, including getting used to being retired, with no immediate incentive to do anything in particular. I have started writing again, however, and hope to have the last chapter of What happened to my life completed soon and all remaining chapters uploaded to Epic Proportions soon. So don't way you weren't warned.
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Daring to hope

I have lost 20 pounds (unfortunately, some of that is muscle) and it took quite a while to get my med insurance switched from "active" to "retired", leading to my surgeon's people calling me to tell me the insurance company wasn't paying. I did NOT have a panic attack. Aren't you proud of me? Instead, I called Fran, who is supposed to deal with this sort of thing and is actually very competent (the mistake was not hers) who fixed in less than 2 hours and so................

(wait for it)

Surgery on the 18th!!!!!!

If it works (and it should) I'll have a sore butt for a couple of weeks and that will be it. Then I can get on with my life.

I had to come off the Norco about 3 weeks ago. It was melting my brain. THAT was fun (not). My doc gave me some low-dose Xanax and said, "If you feel like climbing the walls with your fingernails, take one. If you already are climbing the walls, take two." They did take the edge off, but it was not all that much fun. I don't recommend taking that stuff for more than a couple of weeks. Great pain killer, but they aren't kidding about the addictive properties. Took about 4 days and a new pain killer that is not narcotic but am now Norco free and ready. More than ready, to get this over with. I have already worked out two research projects to work on now that I don't have to work. And I expect Fred (my muse) will wake up soon, too..

Talk to you after the surgery. Love you all lots. Tell Chthulu (or as some of us prefer to call it Thoo Loo) for me that it was a very funny joke, it really was, all the bullshit I've had to deal with in the last couple of months, but PLEASE let's just get this over.

*deep sigh with trembling lower lip*

Okay, my doc has no openings until some time in January and I will have to depend on steroid shots into the joint (and the damned Norco) for pain relief until then. Since the reason we decided on the more serious surgery was because the damned shotsweren't lasting more than a week, I am not very happy.

I am going to go see my family practice doc about pain relief and remind myself every time I start feeling sorry for myself that one of my closest friends is undergoing chemo and radiation for a squamous cell carcinoma.

I am also going to stay in a wheelchair. No more walking until this gets fixed. Have noticed that people tend to be very nice to people in wheelchairs.

You know the strange thing is that for DECADES I have had occasional reoccurring dreams (maybe once every 6 months) that I am using a wheelchair when I don't really need it and feeling guilty about it.

Since I am a total materialist (in the philosophical sense--monist, not dualist) I flatly refuse to believe that is anything but a coincident.

So it may be longer before I can write again. Having enough trouble signing onto WoW due to my hand-eye issues. My Goblin Rogue is making very poor progress so far.

Love you all, but haven't been able to read much. I try to look at it as "Look at all these finished stories I have read now that 3/4 of my brain isn't involved with try to remember how to focus my eyes!!!!)

To my friends out there: I Aintnent Dead

Though there are times I wish I was. See there is this place where your ilium (part of the pelvis) joins with with sacrum (the very bottom of your spine--our tails used to grow out of the bottom of the sacrum). These two bones form a joint that is held together with very strong tendons. Men and women who work at hard physical labor and women who have had babies often have weakened those tendons, allowing those bones to rub against each other and irritate a nearby very important nerve-the sciatic nerve. I have had mild to moderate "sciatica", as it known when that nerve gets irritated, since my eldest son was born.

Then there is the fact that I was born with a moderate case of scoliosis in my lumbar spine. That, the fact that I am not skinny, my lower back was crooked, and my work (which often involved lifting heavy buckets of dirt and/or mud) blew out my two lowest vertebral discs. The doctor fixed that and six months later I was back in the field. While he was at it, he straightened my lower spine.

That was all about 3 years ago.

A combination of things, including my not tight enough tendons in my left sacro-iliac joint, my now rigid lower spine (you should see the x-rays, it's all very bionic), my now straight lower spine, and my continued failure to be skinny has resulted in said joint pretty much falling apart.

Which hurts.

(Did you see that understatement of massive proportions go by just then?)

I was all set up for some new surgery to fix it when my sister broke her leg and my son who as just gotten out of the army had to go take care of his kids. Only person in house able to drive=me. Add two more months on Norco. My brain has more or less ceased to function. I have an appointment with my doc tomorrow to see how soon we can reschedule the surgery.

And I need y'all's advice. If I get down and kiss his feet while I beg him to schedule the surgery REAL SOON, will that help convince him? I am not sure I can get on my knees. More than two or three steps is---well, I just don't do that any more.


At some point in a month or two I am hoping to have cleared all the hydrocodone out of my brain and I will be able to write again. Just can't right now. My brain on drugs does not look like a fried egg but it definitely interferes with many activities I used to take for granted. It took me longer to correct all the errors in this little screed than it did to type it.

The whole point (one of the side-effects of these drugs is my normal chattiness has reach epic proportions) is that I will be back. Just give me a little more time.

Oh, and I was given a disability retirement, so I'll have more time once I get by pelvis put back together.

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Okay, my turn. I do have a Facebook account. My large and widely spread family uses it to snark at each other happily and I enjoy that. Some of my family know about and read the fan fiction smut I write (including my 80-year-old mother). I don't want my 14 year old granddaughter reading it...yet. I don't want my niece-in-law reading it because she'd never let me near my much beloved great-nephews again (very sweet girl, but raised extreme evangelical, and has enough trouble dealing with the fact that most of my family are atheists).

I keep this part of my life private for a reason. I do not want someone else deciding who gets to know about it. I am not the least embarrassed by my love of slash porn (my MOTHER knows about it) but I know that many people would find it more than a little weird and I prefer not to deal with that. I know for other people it could get them fucking fired (because it is so your boss's business what you write in your spare time--not). LJ had better fix this and soon or they are going to lose me and a bunch of others. My life will not be destroyed if everyone knows I write slash, but I still prefer to keep that to the people I want to know about it. So do not crosspost me to anything.