A Complete Waste of Time

(or: At least it is exercise for an aging brain)

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Cliche Avoidance
I was going to title this "She's baaaaaaacccckkkkk" but didn't.

Surgery worked great, I am back on my feet (though there is some residual pain--nothing like it was), my garden is growing nicely and I hope to start some renovations on my house soon. Finances are pretty tight, so I have to take that slowly.


I am going to take my granddaughter to see her daddy in the UK in July and my daughter-in-law knows I am a big Torchwood fan and so they've added a trip to Wales to the itenerary and I am so excited.

Passports are expensive.

So are 5k-mile plane tickets.

So the belt has to be so tight I can hardly breathe.


I am just about ready to start writing again. I'm afraid Fred (my muse) has suffered very badly due to heavy pain, heavy pain killers, surgery and physical therapy and a long list of other things, including getting used to being retired, with no immediate incentive to do anything in particular. I have started writing again, however, and hope to have the last chapter of What happened to my life completed soon and all remaining chapters uploaded to Epic Proportions soon. So don't way you weren't warned.

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Well, a stint on heavy pain killers made my muse go away for a while and I have been going through a massive change in my life (retirement, among other things) which has disrupted my need to write quite a bit. Yes I do intend to continue, and have been getting closer to it the last few weeks. I can't promise when, though. I am getting used to the changes now, and finding myself thinking about my unfinished stories quite a bit.

I am glad you have enjoyed them. It means a very great deal to me that you do.

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