A Complete Waste of Time

(or: At least it is exercise for an aging brain)

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Daring to hope
I have lost 20 pounds (unfortunately, some of that is muscle) and it took quite a while to get my med insurance switched from "active" to "retired", leading to my surgeon's people calling me to tell me the insurance company wasn't paying. I did NOT have a panic attack. Aren't you proud of me? Instead, I called Fran, who is supposed to deal with this sort of thing and is actually very competent (the mistake was not hers) who fixed in less than 2 hours and so................

(wait for it)

Surgery on the 18th!!!!!!

If it works (and it should) I'll have a sore butt for a couple of weeks and that will be it. Then I can get on with my life.

I had to come off the Norco about 3 weeks ago. It was melting my brain. THAT was fun (not). My doc gave me some low-dose Xanax and said, "If you feel like climbing the walls with your fingernails, take one. If you already are climbing the walls, take two." They did take the edge off, but it was not all that much fun. I don't recommend taking that stuff for more than a couple of weeks. Great pain killer, but they aren't kidding about the addictive properties. Took about 4 days and a new pain killer that is not narcotic but am now Norco free and ready. More than ready, to get this over with. I have already worked out two research projects to work on now that I don't have to work. And I expect Fred (my muse) will wake up soon, too..

Talk to you after the surgery. Love you all lots. Tell Chthulu (or as some of us prefer to call it Thoo Loo) for me that it was a very funny joke, it really was, all the bullshit I've had to deal with in the last couple of months, but PLEASE let's just get this over.

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Glad things are starting to look up hun! *hugs you*

I'm working on another chapter of beast within but I understand if you would like to skip this one for your beta-ing pleasure!

*hugs* xx

I think it best for me to skip a chapter. I am MUCH better in the clear head department than I was with the Norco, but honestly I am still hurting pretty bad and probably can't give it the attention it deserves. After the surgery I'll have a sore butt for a couple of weeks and that should be it. So yeah, give me a chapter off, and I'll be happy to get back onboard with you.

No problemo hun! You just focus on getting better! There'll be pleanty of other chapters for you to fix later lol! *hugs* xx

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