A Complete Waste of Time

(or: At least it is exercise for an aging brain)

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*deep sigh with trembling lower lip*
Okay, my doc has no openings until some time in January and I will have to depend on steroid shots into the joint (and the damned Norco) for pain relief until then. Since the reason we decided on the more serious surgery was because the damned shotsweren't lasting more than a week, I am not very happy.

I am going to go see my family practice doc about pain relief and remind myself every time I start feeling sorry for myself that one of my closest friends is undergoing chemo and radiation for a squamous cell carcinoma.

I am also going to stay in a wheelchair. No more walking until this gets fixed. Have noticed that people tend to be very nice to people in wheelchairs.

You know the strange thing is that for DECADES I have had occasional reoccurring dreams (maybe once every 6 months) that I am using a wheelchair when I don't really need it and feeling guilty about it.

Since I am a total materialist (in the philosophical sense--monist, not dualist) I flatly refuse to believe that is anything but a coincident.

So it may be longer before I can write again. Having enough trouble signing onto WoW due to my hand-eye issues. My Goblin Rogue is making very poor progress so far.

Love you all, but haven't been able to read much. I try to look at it as "Look at all these finished stories I have read now that 3/4 of my brain isn't involved with try to remember how to focus my eyes!!!!)

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So sorry to hear this. I meant to reply with virtual hugs to your last post, but am in deadline hell and not commenting much at the mo. Still, can't let this one go by.


I had to retire but I will be doing consulting so deadlines will still be part of my life. I sympathize.

at least you've got an excuse... (I'm about 900 pieces of fic - and over a month - behind with my reading - I've been distracted by writing and re-reading my favourite fics which are extremely long)

hope it all gets better soon

I bet you are reading the same stories over and again as I am, even though I can't read anythig new I get my computer to read those to me since the podfics aren't done. Over and over. (the Mac voice does pretty well except it insists on pronouncing lube as "lub-ee". Which usually kinda ruins the mood because I get to giggling and I an NOT going to explain to my 28 year son what I am laughing at.

I don't think they hav a 12 step program for Marcos/Xanthe addicts yet, is there?

Anyway. Thanks. This will get get better. Iam luckier than many.

*giggles* - that is a yes with the re-reading :D
my 'therapy' is writing Bound Together ... but to be honest, it's not an addiction I want to get rid of :D

Yeah. THey hydrocodone I can do without but both Kiera and Xanthe hit my buttons. Which is REALLY weird, because I am NOT into BDSM except a little light bondage and certainly not the sort of thing that goes on in TTB. But I love that story and all her others.

I know what you mean... I certainly never envisaged writing it... now I'm 160 k words into xanthe's BDSM universe and counting :D

Crap - I'm sorry to hear you have to wait until January. That sucks. I'm sending you a little something that I hope will make you smile.

Made me grin like an idiot. Thank you so much.

I don't know if you an read this...or when you will read this....but we are all sacrificing poodles to Zoltan the Space God for you. All I an say is, enjoy being LEGALLY blitzed out of your mind, put your son on the guilt trip to end ALL guilt trips, and plan on volunteering at your local museum. Once this devastation is over you will have lots of free time, and an active mind to be used. The legal blitzing won't last forever. The new year has nowhere to go but up!

Yeah, legal blitzing is good. Got my first experience of an IV shot of a full dose morphine last week (Had a massive muscle cramp on top of the bad spot, woke up literally screaming). After muscle relaxants were injected that nerve was still vibrating like it was getting plucked by a guitar pluck. I have only ever had morphine in tiny amounts every few minutes or IM. Trust me, I have a much better understanding of why people get hooked on that stuff.

As I will post soon, mu surgery is the 18th.

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