A Complete Waste of Time

(or: At least it is exercise for an aging brain)

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To my friends out there: I Aintnent Dead
Though there are times I wish I was. See there is this place where your ilium (part of the pelvis) joins with with sacrum (the very bottom of your spine--our tails used to grow out of the bottom of the sacrum). These two bones form a joint that is held together with very strong tendons. Men and women who work at hard physical labor and women who have had babies often have weakened those tendons, allowing those bones to rub against each other and irritate a nearby very important nerve-the sciatic nerve. I have had mild to moderate "sciatica", as it known when that nerve gets irritated, since my eldest son was born.

Then there is the fact that I was born with a moderate case of scoliosis in my lumbar spine. That, the fact that I am not skinny, my lower back was crooked, and my work (which often involved lifting heavy buckets of dirt and/or mud) blew out my two lowest vertebral discs. The doctor fixed that and six months later I was back in the field. While he was at it, he straightened my lower spine.

That was all about 3 years ago.

A combination of things, including my not tight enough tendons in my left sacro-iliac joint, my now rigid lower spine (you should see the x-rays, it's all very bionic), my now straight lower spine, and my continued failure to be skinny has resulted in said joint pretty much falling apart.

Which hurts.

(Did you see that understatement of massive proportions go by just then?)

I was all set up for some new surgery to fix it when my sister broke her leg and my son who as just gotten out of the army had to go take care of his kids. Only person in house able to drive=me. Add two more months on Norco. My brain has more or less ceased to function. I have an appointment with my doc tomorrow to see how soon we can reschedule the surgery.

And I need y'all's advice. If I get down and kiss his feet while I beg him to schedule the surgery REAL SOON, will that help convince him? I am not sure I can get on my knees. More than two or three steps is---well, I just don't do that any more.


At some point in a month or two I am hoping to have cleared all the hydrocodone out of my brain and I will be able to write again. Just can't right now. My brain on drugs does not look like a fried egg but it definitely interferes with many activities I used to take for granted. It took me longer to correct all the errors in this little screed than it did to type it.

The whole point (one of the side-effects of these drugs is my normal chattiness has reach epic proportions) is that I will be back. Just give me a little more time.

Oh, and I was given a disability retirement, so I'll have more time once I get by pelvis put back together.

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OMG, I'm so sorry. I'm suprised you can even type on Norco. Just be careful with habituation. My mom took it after several falls and it was a bitch getting her off it. (She's fine now).

Why is it taking so long to get your surgery scheduled? Normally surgeons can't wait to take the knife to you.

In any case hang in there, I miss your stories, but man you have a lot of shit to deal with right now. Hugs.

I have it scheduled more than a month ago but ,my family situation due to a series of events made it impossible for me to be out of commission. That is all taken care of now.

As for the Norco it is great pain killer for short teem use but I am probably thoroughly hooked by now but I figure the three or four days I'll be on morphine after the surgery should hide most of the withdrawal. If not i'jst have to deal with it. And I will. I have my compulsive behaviors but drug taking isn't one of them.

Thanks for you concern.

I was starting to worry, yeah... Owie. Mine's been hatin' on me lately and I haven't even had kids to blame it on (...well, some of it is the silicon-kid's fault, George does need a booster-seat on my desk) -- sounds like you have something resembling a Plan for addressing it, at least... Have I got your address? Time of year for cards in general, after all, and it sounds like you could use some cheering-up...

I ordered some of your yarn a few months ago, if you keep those records. The one in San Antonio,Texas. If that doesn't do it, send me a PM and we can trade addresses. I consider you an important friend even if I have no idea what you look like. I use a virtual pat on the back. The doc says he has no slots open before January. They are going to try inject me with steroids again, though that has only worked for a week at a time in the past. But I figure if I stay off my feet completely, it might last longer. Anyway, cant remember if I told you before, but I am making up a set of ebooks of your stories for myself an if you like (yes, I am a member of the iPad freaks union), I'll make them available for everyone. I will also start working on the pod fics again, now that I have a better microphone, though that may not be until next summer-ish as the rate things are going..

In the mean time, I have goblins and Worgen to play with so I'll talk to you later.

Love you Sam. Really do.

'S what I thought, just checking it was still current ;) And eBook formats would be great! (Since for want of any sort of devices besides George to test stuff on I don't really have a way to do much on that end of things, and people do occasionally ask about it...)

(And as to what I look like, I believe I'm the one on the left here... or is it the right...)

*hugs* you gently and hopes you get that surgery sooon

it's nice to have some new from you, even rather have you already done with that surgery. Sciatic, is really a bitch, it's awfully painful. I wish you to feel fine as soon as my mother had after her surgery.
Hug you. take care of you.

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